Friday, May 15, 2009

Why hire a wedding planner?

Interesting question - I should be a pro at it since I get that question all the time. Recently, however, it has been altered somewhat to include, "Why spend the money to hire a wedding planner?" and while the answer to the initial question is endless (relieve stress, save time, get the best vendors, manage budget, the list goes on and on...), having a friend and confidant that knows absolutely everything about weddings should be considered priceless. Then, of course, there is this nasty economy and services that should be considered worth every penny get tossed like the garter. In an economy like this - is it even feasible to hire a planner? Feasible... yes. Affordable... yes. Worth it... YES! In fact, the economy is one of my top reasons to hire a planner (well, if you hire a good one, anyway). A wedding planner will not only help you manage your budget when times are tight, but a good planner will get you the best prices for the quality services you need at your wedding. We know the right florists, the best caterers, the hottest DJ's, and tons of different venues - so a good planner will not only match you with vendors that compliment your style, but also negotiate to get you the absolute best prices these vendors can offer. As a wedding planner in the industry for over 10 years, I know what these services are worth. If you come to me with a request and it not feasible for your budget, I will tell you - you won't have to go through endless web searches, six consultations, and 3 bridal shows to find out. Without a planner, you will probably spend thousands of unnecessary dollars because you didn't know what the best prices were for the services you sought. The investment in a wedding planner will go further than almost any other investment you make in your wedding day. The real question should be: Can you afford NOT to hire a wedding planner?

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