Tuesday, August 18, 2009

If you're just beginning to plan your wedding I'm sure your full of excitement, looking for inspiration everywhere and trying to decide on what your wedding will be like. Everything thats with a theme, but more importantly, colors. The colors will set the tone of your wedding and help you decide on everything invitations to decorations, to bridesmaids dresses and flowers.

One of the hardest and most fun courses I've taken in college has been Color Theory and Design. I spent countless amounts of hours mixing colors and sifting through color-aid paper to find the right hues, tints and shades for each project. My professor always said that either your a natural "colorist" (one who is blessed with the ability to put colors together and differentiate between similar colors) or you're not. Maybe your not. Maybe you're feeling lost trying to decide what colors would work best with all of your other wedding ideas. Well heres a few tips!

- Have no idea at all what colors you like? Head down to your local paint store and go straight to the paint swatches. What colors do you instantly go to and love? Grab a handful of swatches of colors that you like, even if they don't match or go together or you grabbed a whole bunch of different shades of blue, they're free so help yourself! Take them home and look at all of them and try to eliminate the colors that won't go well with your style (thinking classic wedding? maybe neon pink should go in the "no" pile"). Then look at them together and try to see which go together best. Pull friends and family aside too and get opinions if you're not sure!

- Know you you have to have your absoloute favorite color in the wedding but are unsure what to put with it? or maybe you know what feeling you want but not sure what colors will create it? The ColourLovers Palettes are great. Search by colors, themes, styles and see hundreds of different ideas.

- Maybe you already have inspiration for your wedding colors, you want to do something tropical or you found a photo of exactly what you want but don't know how to disect the colors from it. Mosey on over to the Palette Generator where you can upload your inspiration and they'll tell you exactly what colors are in it!

In the end you should choose colors that both you and your fiance love and reflect your style, as the entire wedding should reflect the both of you!


Friday, August 14, 2009

August Ocean Inspiration

Planning a sea inspired affair? Feel free to take some of our ideas from Trish's Wedding Insiration

No matter if your wedding guests spend the whole night at their table or just a few minutes there, you want to make sure the tables look amazing! The hot pink and orange tablecloths will draw anyone’s eye, and the simple white plates look great against the linens. The linens, plates and glasses are complements of Newtown Party Rental in Newtown, PA.

Picking out the perfect wedding dress for your special day might be the hardest decision you will have to make. You want a dress that will fit with your body and make you look beautiful, as well as a dress that goes with your whole theme. This dress is a “destination wedding” gown that works perfect with most settings. Sadie Bridal in Bensalem, PA provided us with this simple, yet elegant dress!

Keeping with the seashell theme, these place settings are a perfect name card and souvenir for the guests.

The absolutely stunning and exotic flowers are complements of Yardley Flower Company in Yardley, PA. The hot pink and orange are perfect colors for an outdoor or summer wedding!

This unique and one of a kind story board next to our bride displays the love story of this lucky couple. Drew Silverman is the creator of Drew Writes for You – a company that creates these precious and creative memory boards to be displayed at weddings, parties, social events or just to have in your home forever!

Guests love to see what kind of cake is chosen for a wedding reception. Piazza’s Bakery in Levittown, PA provided us with this beautiful cake, complete with real seashells. The cake goes perfect with the theme, yet is it not too over the top. The beautiful detailing almost makes it look too good to eat!

And of course we have to thank Adrienne Ingram for photographing the inspiration!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Candy Bar

Weddings have certainly come a long way from tradition, and are great way to show off your creativity and imagination, while still keeping in budget. A fantastic new trend coming up is that of the candy buffet, or candy bar. One of our brides brought this idea to the table and I'm completely in love with it. Candy is fun, nostalgic and can be very budget friendly.

By choosing candies that follow your theme, or colors, it can easily be cohesive with the rest of your wedding and be a fun focal point at the reception. Apothecary jars of varying size can be a great way to showcase the candy, and can often be found at discount stores for great prices. The candy bar can serve as a choose-your-favor station by providing guests with small take-out containers or maybe colorful paper bags allows your guests to pick what candies to take home as their favor. By having a variety of candies you are sure to please both children and adults and have memorable wedding favors.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Using Fresh Fruits in Floral Arrangements

Fresh fruit is becoming more and more popular in floral centerpieces. It is a cheap and easy way to add originality and color to any type of floral arrangement. All you need to know is a few simple and easy tricks to wow your guests with your centerpieces.

1.Decide what fruits will go best with the colors scheme you will be using for the flowers.

2.Select a container that will allow the fruits to be showcased. A clear vase will allow the fruits to show through the glass where as a decorative bowl will only allow the fruits to show where there is breaks in the decoration. Obviously it’s up to you to decide what will be best for your setting and arrangement.

3.Know the exact dimensions and volume of your vases and containers so you will have an idea of how much fruit to buy so it will fill the vase according to your liking. You will want extra fruit incase anything happens.

4.Stick to fruits that are cheap or can be bought in bulk – like grapes, oranges, apples, etc. Certain fruits like mangos or kiwi might catch your eye but they are usually more expensive. If that’s the case and there is something interesting that you think will enhance your color scheme, buy just one or two to use as accents with the other fruits.

5.Leaves and greenery from the fruits or outside your home are great ways to fill the space and gaps in between the fruits. Make sure the leaves are clean, dry and not dead and somewhat go with your arrangement.

6.Place a small pad or small folded towel in the bottom of your container to protect delicate fruit. If the container is clear, be sure to camouflage the pad with leaves. The pad would also be a good way to keep the fruit from moving around in the vase if there is extra room at the bottom. (This is not always necessary).

7.Carefully arrange the fruits in the container. Save the best looking pieces for the top where they'll show the most. If your flowers are going to have long stems make sure you arrange the fruit in a way that the stems will slide in. Short stems will obviously work better in a vase filled with fruits.

8.If possible store the arrangements in a fridge or cool area where they will be kept fresh. If they are going to be stored for more than a day or two make sure you are checking the fruits for any that may be rotting. Replace the rotting fruit as necessary.

9.Enjoy your arrangement!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mix and Match Place Settings

Everyone wants a wedding that's completely unique and their own. At the same time, most of us are watching our wallets and also trying to be eco-friendly too. Most people don't think you can have all of these things at one wedding, but even just simple things can make all of those things come together.
The china your reception dinner is served on is a major factor in the look of the tables and ultimately the entire reception. It can be expensive to rent everything and no doubt, someone else has used the same settings at their wedding as you. I can't count how many times I've gone into a salvation army or thrift store and found the cutest china for dirt cheap! Of course, you'll give up every place setting matching perfectly with each other, but think of the creative possibilities of everyone has a place setting that is different.
Since you want to keep the setting in with the rest of your theme, take swatches of your colors with you when you scour the stores for antique china. Look for the same or similar colors and designs to yours. It will certainly be something to set your wedding apart from all others, and because they're from thrift stores, you're also recycling!
- Josie -

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Introducing Danielle....Are Your Really Prepared for Your Wedding Day?

Now that you've made all the plans, tasted all the food, and found the perfect dress, have you considered some personal things that you may need on the day of your wedding? I've made a checklist of all the items that you'll want to include in your own Wedding Day Survival Kit.
- Band-aids
- Asprin or any headache reliever
- Clear nail polish (to fix runs on your panty hose)
- Extra panty hose
- Shout wipes (to get out any smudges or stains)
- Deodordant (try the aerosal spray cans so everyone can share)
- Mini Sewing Kit
- Hair Spray (works great for getting rid of static cling too)
- Crosage pins
- Extra Earring Backs
- Extra bobby pins/hair pins/pony tail holders
- Safety pins
- Eye Drops
- Dental floss/tooth picks
- Hand Towelettes
- Extra lipstick/lip gloss
- Small scissors
- Smelling salts (even though we hope you never have to use them, you never know)
- Sctoch Tape
- Matches
- Tissues
- Straws (so you don't mess up your lipstick but can stay hydrated)
- Tweezers
- Cell Phone (with your coordinator's cell # stored)
- Breath mints
- Hair brush/comb
- Compact mirror
- Breath mints
- Tampons/Pads
- Perfume
- Nail File
- Sunblock (if you'll be outdoors)
- Krazy Glue (it's amazing how many things this stuff can fix)
- Lint Roller
- Granola Bars (or any small snack of choice, but think high protien)

Now I know that this list seems a little long, but you never know what might go wrong. I bet you have most of these items laying around your house or in your first aid kit, so no need to go out and buy all of this things. Another option is to add a Wedding Survival Kit to your registry. Places like Bed, Bath, and Beyond carry these kits which are already put together and in a case already. We all want your day to be perfect so just in case something unexpected should pop up, wouldn't you like to be prepared for it, rather than let it put a damper on your day?