Tuesday, August 18, 2009

If you're just beginning to plan your wedding I'm sure your full of excitement, looking for inspiration everywhere and trying to decide on what your wedding will be like. Everything thats with a theme, but more importantly, colors. The colors will set the tone of your wedding and help you decide on everything invitations to decorations, to bridesmaids dresses and flowers.

One of the hardest and most fun courses I've taken in college has been Color Theory and Design. I spent countless amounts of hours mixing colors and sifting through color-aid paper to find the right hues, tints and shades for each project. My professor always said that either your a natural "colorist" (one who is blessed with the ability to put colors together and differentiate between similar colors) or you're not. Maybe your not. Maybe you're feeling lost trying to decide what colors would work best with all of your other wedding ideas. Well heres a few tips!

- Have no idea at all what colors you like? Head down to your local paint store and go straight to the paint swatches. What colors do you instantly go to and love? Grab a handful of swatches of colors that you like, even if they don't match or go together or you grabbed a whole bunch of different shades of blue, they're free so help yourself! Take them home and look at all of them and try to eliminate the colors that won't go well with your style (thinking classic wedding? maybe neon pink should go in the "no" pile"). Then look at them together and try to see which go together best. Pull friends and family aside too and get opinions if you're not sure!

- Know you you have to have your absoloute favorite color in the wedding but are unsure what to put with it? or maybe you know what feeling you want but not sure what colors will create it? The ColourLovers Palettes are great. Search by colors, themes, styles and see hundreds of different ideas.

- Maybe you already have inspiration for your wedding colors, you want to do something tropical or you found a photo of exactly what you want but don't know how to disect the colors from it. Mosey on over to the Palette Generator where you can upload your inspiration and they'll tell you exactly what colors are in it!

In the end you should choose colors that both you and your fiance love and reflect your style, as the entire wedding should reflect the both of you!


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