Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Introducing Danielle....Are Your Really Prepared for Your Wedding Day?

Now that you've made all the plans, tasted all the food, and found the perfect dress, have you considered some personal things that you may need on the day of your wedding? I've made a checklist of all the items that you'll want to include in your own Wedding Day Survival Kit.
- Band-aids
- Asprin or any headache reliever
- Clear nail polish (to fix runs on your panty hose)
- Extra panty hose
- Shout wipes (to get out any smudges or stains)
- Deodordant (try the aerosal spray cans so everyone can share)
- Mini Sewing Kit
- Hair Spray (works great for getting rid of static cling too)
- Crosage pins
- Extra Earring Backs
- Extra bobby pins/hair pins/pony tail holders
- Safety pins
- Eye Drops
- Dental floss/tooth picks
- Hand Towelettes
- Extra lipstick/lip gloss
- Small scissors
- Smelling salts (even though we hope you never have to use them, you never know)
- Sctoch Tape
- Matches
- Tissues
- Straws (so you don't mess up your lipstick but can stay hydrated)
- Tweezers
- Cell Phone (with your coordinator's cell # stored)
- Breath mints
- Hair brush/comb
- Compact mirror
- Breath mints
- Tampons/Pads
- Perfume
- Nail File
- Sunblock (if you'll be outdoors)
- Krazy Glue (it's amazing how many things this stuff can fix)
- Lint Roller
- Granola Bars (or any small snack of choice, but think high protien)

Now I know that this list seems a little long, but you never know what might go wrong. I bet you have most of these items laying around your house or in your first aid kit, so no need to go out and buy all of this things. Another option is to add a Wedding Survival Kit to your registry. Places like Bed, Bath, and Beyond carry these kits which are already put together and in a case already. We all want your day to be perfect so just in case something unexpected should pop up, wouldn't you like to be prepared for it, rather than let it put a damper on your day?

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