Monday, January 4, 2010

New Years Day Wedding at Melt

We absoloutly adored being apart of Aaron and Natalie's new year's day wedding at the fabulous Melt Restaurant. We couln't think of of a better way to start out the new year!

Photos are by the fabulous Element Photography

Check out this "thank you note" we got from the brides sister/Maid of Honor...

"I had to send you an email and just let you know what an awesome affair you put together and pulled off. Natalie very much wanted a "party" and this was sooo untraditional for my mom that she had a tough time wrapping her head around everything and understanding what Natalie wanted. With your assistance, Natalie got exactly what she wanted and more. The venue was awesome, the photographers were great, the food was spectular. I've seen some pictures that friends have taken as well as a teaser forwarded by Adrienne and WOW is all I can say !!

I can only imagine the amount of pressure on you the day of these events but I gotta say - you are COOL as a cucumber working with some many different people and personalities !! You did an awesome job !!! Thanks for your attention to all of the details and thanks for making 1-1-10 an unforgettable night for Natalie and Aaron and our family !!"

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