Thursday, June 4, 2009

Myth Buster

Hey guys! It’s me, Josie, again and I think I’m going to switch my focus just a little this week to talk about a myth I seem to hear a lot of. Many people think that the best way to save money while planning a wedding is to ditch the wedding planner. This is a complete myth that couldn’t be further from the truth! I know, I’m kind of partial on the subject but a few years ago I probably would have agreed with you, but oh how I see the light now!
Wedding planners (especially JP Event design, heh!) know the ins and outs of wedding planning. While this may be your first wedding, wedding planners may be doing one every other week, so they have a little more experience with things you may be unfamiliar with. Planning events is also all they do. While you may only have your lunch break to call and set up appointments with venues and caterers, they not only have the time to do this, but they have already worked with different vendors and know who would work best for your wedding and also your budget. A good planner knows where to get the best prices for the best services. You may not have the time to hunt down the absolute lowest prices on tissue paper and candy, but that’s what we’re here for (and yes! From working here I do know the cheapest place to get tissue paper!).
Wedding planners know the field, and know who you’ll get the best value from. They can steer you away from vendors they know are cutting costs by cutting services and show you ones that you’ll get above and beyond the money with. They can also suggest new money-saving ideas that can get your wedding looking like a million-bucks on a small budget. Me and the other interns here at JP Event Design do a lot of brainstorming for weddings. We spend a lot of our time looking at the latest ideas in wedding designs and are always trying to come up with ways to re-create them cheaper, but with the same visual impact. We’re also always looking for the best deals for each particular wedding. We get excited about being able to help bring a bride’s dreams to life without breaking her bank. It’s what we do- and we love it!
Your wedding is such a special day and it should be just as memorable as a high-budget wedding. Don’t let yourself think that you’ll save money just by cutting out someone who has the expertise in making beautiful events – talk to us and see how you really can afford a wedding planner and how we might actually save you money! And besides, whats more green then saving money?

**Also a special thanks to Allison for doing such a wonderful job on the blog!! You're the best!

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