Friday, June 19, 2009

Renew, Redesign, and Reuse!

Hey everyone, I wanted to talk today about something that can both be money-smart but is also a “green” idea. It’s probably not what your thinking (okay, you might be due to the photo that’s with this post) bridesmaids dresses! Lets face it, almost no one re-uses bridesmaids dresses (maybe you remember Katherine Heigl’s movie last year where her closet was packed with bridesmaids dresses that never saw the light of day more than once?) and that’s because you picked it for them, plain and simple. If you’re going to have more than one bridesmaid then the chances are pretty high that you’ll also have more than one body shape, skin tone, eye color, hair color and everything else to consider besides the actual color of the dresses. So you’re bound to select a dress that doesn’t quite flatter at least one, if not a few, or all of them and they will be most likely be expensive, since they are specifically made for bridesmaids, and will never be used again.
A great new trend I’m seeing a lot of recently is that of these mix-and-match bridesmaids dresses. Setting the ground rules on the lenth and style and maybe even specific color (maybe giving each girl paint swatches of the color you can get from the hardware store to take with them shopping) and letting each girl choose their own dress. Or maybe not even one specific color, maybe each girl gets their own color that goes with the theme (maybe everyone wearing pastels or different shades of red-it’s up to you!). It might be fun to even make a day out of it – all go dress shopping together so you can okay it before it’s even purchased. In the end you can save the girls from being uncomfortable all day and then having the dress collect dust in their basement for the rest of their lives, just because the dress didn’t suit them to begin with.

Featured (clockwise from top left): J.Crew, Aaron Delesie, the image is found, and Sugar Love Weddings via Green Wedding Shoes)

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